Saturday, November 28, 2015

Casual Makeup + Tutorial

What i use:
ELF - mineral face primer - clear
Dior - capture total - serum fondation - 020
Stilla - perfecting concealer - 02
Ben Nye - luxury powder - bv-0 banana
MAC - powder blush - blunt 
MAC - beauty powder - natural flare 
MAC - eye shadow - club satin
Palete no name - 180 colours
JPF paris - pearly highlight powder - 052MAC - eye pencil - black
Music flower - long-wear gel eyeliner - black
MAC - false lashes extreme black
DUO - lashes adhesive - black
Ardell - false lashes - glamour 119
Oriflame - eyebrow kit 
Dior - dior addict gloss - 853

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review - Clinique - High lengths mascara

Hello everyone!

Nice to see you again guys,i know that i miss from here for a long time and all i was posting was just makeups,so,here we are with finally a review and also writing in english.For those who dont understand what am i writing,you can use the translate button on the right side of my blog!

For almost half year i collect pics from all the products that i used so you might expect to see more posts on my blog from now,makeups,makeup tutorials and also more reviews !

Today im show you guys one of my favourite mascare!
It is a mini mascara from Clinique,also my first product from this brand and am quite dissapointed that i didnt try them long time ago :(!

The product look like this,it is very small and very easy to take it with you everywhere coz its fit even in your pocket haha

¬ It does what a good mascara should. 
¬ It lifts, separates, lengthens and defines. 
¬ No clumps, no goopy looking lashes.
¬ I can't say one bad thing about it. 
¬ The brush is phenomenal and perfect in my book. 

 I wish it were a little less expensive, but it works so well that it's worth the price to have such a no fuss experience.

The product cost like 14£ to 18£ depends on every store!

I hope you enjoy my review and find it helpfully!

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See you next time


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New - Makeup for going out!

What i use:
ELF - mineral face primer - clear
Revlon - colorestay fondation - 180 sand beige
Nars - pure radiant tinted moisturizer - medium3
Trick and treatment - concealer - bright on 
Ben Nye - luxury powder - BV-0 banana
MAC - powder blush - blunt matte
MAC - lustre drops - pink rebel
MAC - beauty powder/loose - natural flare
Palette no name - 180 colours
Music flower - long-wear gel eyeliner - black
Gabrini - eye/lip liner - white
MAC - eye pencil - black
MAC - false lashes extreme black 
DUO - eyelash adhesive - black
Ardell - False Lashes - Glamour 119
Oriflame - eyebrow kit
The body shop - vitamin e lip care spf 15
Adda - eye/lip pencil - red
MAC - ruby woo lipstick - retro matte 

Hope you like it!



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